Our Services

We provide a full suite of robot development services from software engineering through to system integration and testing. We can support your team on a short term basis, take on a small component or design and build a complete robotic solution. If that sounds like what you need, get in touch!

COmplete RObotic Solutions

Want to explore a remote area such as a new planet? Have a science mission, but need a mobility platform?  

 We specialise in robots for harsh environments on earth and other planetary bodies. We can design, build, test and operate a robotic platform that meets your specific needs.

Sound like just what you want? Get in touch to explore the possibilities.

Software Engineering

Need some software developed for your robot Stuck with software design and architecture? Dont know how to integrate test infrastructure and CI/CD?

Our team has experience with embedded software, autonomous navigation software, robot control, mission control systems and enterprise software. We can design and develop specific software packages for you, or support your team with architecture, reviewing, testing and development infrastructure as you need.

Systems integration & Testing

If you are a building a complex robotic system, we can help you avoid the trials and tribulations of integration hell. 

Having worked on the systems integration of space rovers, autonomous surface vessels, and large scale software systems, our team is ready to help you successfully integrate the many components of your next robot.